Patient Testimonials

“Had a second tooth (molar) pulled the other day as they were conveniently open on Labor Day so I didn’t miss any work and had the rest of the day to chill.  Again, the procedure was quick from start to finish and I was home before I knew it.  They do give you the option of being sedated for the 20 or so minutes it takes to pull a tooth and that’s what I opt for.  I don’t need to be present to get the same exact results.  As usual, Dr. Nelson did a great job with very good chair-side manner, and while I was still coming out of sedation, took the time to discuss the results of the procedure and post-op care with the friend who drove me home.  He even gave me a follow-up call later in the day to check on me.  Nice touch Doc!”

-Jack P.

“I recently went to Dr. Nelson and had a tooth extracted and a bone graft. Was not looking forward to it but was so surprised at how gentle and kind Dr. Nelson and his assistant Miranda  were to me. They offered gas to assist with the procedure and it worked beautifully. They did a great Job and were so very Nice to me. The office staff is very professional and everyone was on time and they explained everything in great detail. 

I was also very impressed that Dr. Nelson phoned me later that afternoon to check in on me and make sure I had his cell phone number if I needed him for anything. That is very rare. He was such a nice man and I would recommend him and give him 10 stars. This is a top notch office and Dr. Nelson far exceeded any past experiences with Dentists that I have had.  Highly recommend Dr Nelson!”

-Garnette K.

“My brother was referred to Dr. Nelson to have all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed. Getting an appointment scheduled right away was easy, getting my brother to actually go was the hard part! He is a nervous wreck and terrified of any doctor. During his initial exam Dr. Nelson talked to him about the procedure and what he could provide to help my brother stay calm and have a great experience. My brother felt comfortable and at ease once he was informed of the options available to help his dental anxiety. 
The front office staff is amazing start to finish. From the first call, to explaining the way his insurance would help with the surgery. My brother was able to get in for his surgery the following week. He came in and the wait time was minimal, the assistant took him back and once again informed him of everything that would be done. While me and my family waited they had a movie playing and some interesting books to read. Next thing we know my brother is done! They scheduled us a follow up visit a week out and when my brother came out he said all was good and that he is healing just fine. The care that Dr. Nelson and his staff provided us was amazing and we are truly thankful for it.”

-Elva P.

“Today Dr Nelson extracted an upper rear tooth. I have to say both he and his staff were very caring. I had laughing gas and local anesthetic. I was not in the chair more than 10 minutes and was surprised to learn the extraction was over. By the way I have an innate fear of dentistry, but if needed I would return to Dr. Nelson.

Several hours after I wrote this at about 6:30 pm Dr Nelson called to check on me. Said if there was any issue to call him on his cell. A big plus.”


“Dr. Nelson and his staff made new feel like a welcome guest. I have many resevations about dentist do to bad past experiences, but, here at Dr. Nelsons office I felt relaxed, respected, and truly had a great experience. I would recommend them to family and friends. 
Thank you again,”

-Rick L

“Dr. Nelson was amazing. I had four of my wisdom teeth pulled and he was fast. Yes there was a little pain that followed but he was so kind to call me over the weekend (my surgery was on a Friday) to see how I was doing. He also told me to call if I needed anything whatsoever. He’s very caring and gentle. The staff was nice and the office is clean and comfy. Overall, it was a good experience-even though it was for wisdom teeth being removed.”

-Michelle L.

“Super great staff and beautiful office.  Dr. Nelson rocks!  I had  two teeth pulled and I was terrified and filled with anxiety.  The whole staff did their best to make me feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I will definitely be back to remove two more teeth.  Thank you!”

-Bree S.

 “I own a swimming pool service and repair company.  I did not get to where I am at, not knowing good service and skilled work.  I am assisted in different capacities probably everyday however, I don’t always get the service in the manner I would give service myself.  I understand anyone can have a bad day but I can tell Dr. Nelson and his staff offer top notch service on a regular basis.  That is almost impossible to find these days.  Dr. Nelson and his assistants work very well together and the Dr. himself is a regular person like you but he is also very highly skilled at his craft.  He and his staff treat you like you are the only client of the day. That is how you create a very successful business.  Thank you Dr. Nelson and your team!”

-Kenny M.

“Dr. Nelson is fantastic!  I’ll be having my implant done here for sure!”

-Scott S.

“Dr. Nelson thanks for always doing great work and taking care of me!  Best oral surgeon in the area!”

-Jonesy J.

“Best customer service and professionalism that I have seen in a very long time.  All the way from the front office to the Dr. himself.  Very patient and caring.  Thank you!!!”

-Deb C. and Richard R.

Recently I took an elderly friend of mine to Dr. Nelson for the extraction of an erupted lower wisdom tooth.  The tooth began to bother my friend over the weekend so I began my search for an oral surgeon at 7am Monday morning.  Dr. Nelson was booked for the day and offered an appointment the next morning at the Glendale office.  However, due to my schedule there was no way I could get her there at the allotted time slot.  Because my friend is quite elderly and in pain, Dr. Nelson worked her in his busy schedule that morning.  He was not only kind and gentle but did not in any way rush us through the office.  He explained in detail so that my friend could understand where her pain was coming from and answered all of her questions thoroughly and with much patience.  The procedure went well and my friend recovered with no postoperative discomfort or any complications.  Dr. Nelson phoned her twice following the extraction to check on her progress in addition to doing a follow up examination a week later.   I have a lot of experience in the dental field, as I was a practicing dental hygienist for 26 years. Therefore, I feel that I am well qualified to make an assessment of the doctor and his staff.  Everyone in this office was kind, professional and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Nelson and his excellent staff for any oral surgery procedures that a patient may need. I would gladly “sit in his dental chair” should I ever have the need for an oral surgeon.  This office would be a 10 out of 10!

-Carolyn K.